Friday, December 28, 2007

the circus

Mixed Media Necklace
An After Midnight sponsored Art Challenge
Zeborah Loray started a new trend of paper folding that everyone calls Geo Deco's. After Midnight Art Stamps held a challenge using this free form process. We were given a one and one half by two inch piece of burlap, a tiny black rubberband, and a small wooden cocktail pick. The objectitve was to use the folding process along with these items to create a piece of art. We were allowed to add whatever we wanted, but must include these three items in the work. The folded Geo Deco in my piece was made from an energy drink can. The rubber band is tied beneath the ball where the elephant stands, the wooden pick stands behind the elephant, and the burlap is hidden in the handmade faux resin beads. Vintage chain, washers, a twig, buttons and a charm from a charm swap make up the rest of the necklace. More Geo Deco's may be seen at

Monday, December 17, 2007

mobile collage

Title: Mobile Collage
Size of panels: 5x7
Medium: Mixed Media
Two years ago, Linda Hanson of After Midnight Art Stamps, commissioned me to do her booth display for CHA. This is only one of the many pieces incorporated in the display. Three 5x7 panels, collaged on both sides, dangle from an altered hanger. Each panel moves and turns with the slightest movement of air, being forever in motion. The one of a kind copyrighted piece incorporates Opal designs along with original drawings, found objects, wire, and bead embellisments.

Friday, December 07, 2007

gun control

Size: 22 x 30
Medium: Mixed Media
Sometimes paintings that are not pretty have the most emotional impact. Look closely and you will see a person being shot from behind. This painting is from a workshop demonstration. The objective was to take a news item from a news magazine or newspaper that did not contain a photograph, and interpret your vision onto watercolor paper. The article I chose was written about an eleven year old who did not want to attend school for fear of guns and gangs. On the bottom right corner is the phrase, "He who has the gun controls"

Monday, November 26, 2007

mother and child

Title: Mother and Child
Size: 22 x 30
Medium: Watercolor and dry pigments

Dry pigments and watercolors created this spontaneous pour. A few brush strokes to bring out some detail, and we have a painting of a Navajo mother and child. Available for purchase.

Friday, November 09, 2007

flowers for my mother

Title: Flowers for My Mother
Size: 22x26
Medium: Mixed Media

My mother was one of the most creative persons I have ever known. She taught me to create with whatever was available at that time and... she taught me how to make the most beautiful and realistic paper flowers. This painting is dedicated to her for I used parts of demo paintings, one of which had flowers.
These scraps were part of an outdoor experimental workshop and, one of a demo using ink and watercolor crayons. The rest is from the "incubation" pile.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my art muse

The art muse which I made from vintage fabrics, an old paintbrush, and found objects, is wearing one of my jewelry designs. New jewelry designs have been posted on my website for your viewing pleasure. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing an item or if you wish to commission a one of a kind piece of art jewelry.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

apartment 6002

Title: APARTMENT 6002
Size: 8x10
Medium: Mixed Media Collage

The above collage is the first of a series of six. These paintings are part of the demonstrations given during my on going Collage Basics class. By working small, the student will produce more pieces of art. If you would like too join the class, contact

Friday, October 05, 2007


Title: Jeff
Size: 11x15
Medium: Watercolor
What does one do with a painting that is not working? You can throw it in the garbage or you can let it incubate. You can cover it with gesso or you can cover it with collage. The painting above was an unfinished demonstration of tropical nature. I washed off the paint leaving a ghost image, dried it, turned it upside down and used it as a substrate for the drawing of Jeff's portrait. His amber colored eyes were the inspiration for using the substrate that had been incubating for quite some time. The painting is done in transparent watercolors.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

el venado

Title: El Venado
Size: 11x14
Medium: Mixed
This painting started as a demonstration on techniques and quickly turned into a "healing" piece. I would add color that unintentionally would be covered. There came a point of letting go, of allowing the symbolism and the grey colors to take over. Latinos will likely understand the symbolism, though this type of work does not have to be understood except by the person healed. Ironically, a gentleman came by the studio and was drawn to the painting. He said he had to have it and I have to let it go.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

necklace trade

Title: From This to That
A convertible necklace made from altered industrial components.
This found object necklace was traded for the beautiful collage seen in the next post. I added earrings and sent it to artist Laura Lein- Svencner. Thanks Laura...enjoy the necklace.
These one of a kind necklaces are sold and taught in my studio. Contact: for information

collage trade

Collage on a skateboard deck by Laura Lein-Svencner.
Laura saw my necklace on and contacted me. I saw Laura's website and loved her work. We decided on a trade. She got the necklace and I got this beautiful collage.
You may see Laura wearing her necklace in the next post. See more of her work on
Thank you Laura, I love this piece.

good trade

Laura Lein-Svencner wearing the necklace I made and happily traded for one of her beautiful collages. We plan on possibly doing a once a year trade. I love her work, visit her website

white on white encaustic

Title: Snowbound
Size: 4 x 10 wood panel
Medium: Encaustic/Foil Collage
One of two collage paintings that will be on exhibited by the International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artist's.
This is a White on White exhibit that will be on after October 2007. The art will travel to exhibits throughout the country.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

free spirit

Title: Free Spirit
Size: 22 x 30
Mixed Water Media

My Wednesday night class offers drawing, color theory, and the elements of design. The students study the anatomy of the face and figure to achieve likeness. Color theory to understand mixing verses glazing, color temperatures, and how to get away from the so called "flesh tones." Next comes composition, it's principles and design. Demonstrations, lectures, journal keeping, and lots of student teacher interaction is all part of the class. This is an on going class with limited seating. Contact for more information.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


22 x 30 watercolor

This is a portrait of my grandaughter Alisha Valverde done in transparent watercolor. I like the combination of realism mixed in with impressionism. This is an example of what I teach at my studio in Glendale AZ.

rockin' girl blogger

Thank you Sabine, for nominating me ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER...this old gal likes the "girl" part the best. It's my turn to nominate five bloggers (only five?) Well here goes. You haven't seen alters till you see these... gorgeous. The original technique junkie, and a good one. Linda's canvases are kind of art. I visit this blog almost daily. I have not met Joanna but she is an inspiration in more ways than one. Creative and's not fair.

faux resin charm bracelet

faux resin charm bracelet
This light weight delicate charm bracelet was a project not chosen for Art Unraveled 2007. Made last year for my daughter Corrie Anderson, it features handmade wire wrapped charms with family photos and text embedded in Opal resin. A charm bracelet class will be scheduled soon at Cory's Art Studio. Contact for class information.

student at work

Anthony Hall adding detail to his models face with his favorite three hair brush. This is the extra large faux painted background that I spoke about during my class at Art Unraveled 2007. Anthony is a very disciplined student who creates good art and is also, a great photographer.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

student at work

Ella Holland busy working out a design in watercolor. Ella is one of my faithful Wednesday night students who will tackle any project in the name of learning. ( I think she just likes hanging out at my studio ) Ella has come such a long way and is producing beautiful art pieces. You Go Girl!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

3D watercolor

Size: 22x30

This piece is a combination watercolor and paper sculpture. When it is viewed from different angles, the painted areas change among the folds. The design also changes as the lighting changes creating new shapes with it's own shadows. The piece is framed in a four inch deep plexiglass box.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

the creative block

Sometimes we are so blocked in a particular area of our work we don't even consider a breakthrough. When this happens, I set the work in progress in the "incubation bin" until I am ready to try again. I pull a piece from the bin and begin with a fresh approach.
This piece was once dark and unfinished as it sat waiting in the bin for months. I decided to use it to demonstrate techniques that would turn it into a high key abstract painting. Keeping the design elements in mind, I worked with transparent and opaque layers of paint along with large art stamped images and scribbles.
CORY ART STAMPS are available from After Midnight Art Stamps.
The techniques are demonstrated during my mixed media seminars. Contact for workshop information.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

beyond the rim

Title: Beyond the Rim
Size: 11x15
Mixed media
This painting is a sample of what the beginning students will learn at an ongoing workshop scheduled for March, July, and November 2008 at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins CO. This easy method was developed for the novice student though seasoned artist's are welcome. The student, with lots of student/teacher interaction will develop skills and design, learn from evaluations, and discover a personal style. For information contact or .

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

basic encaustic

Title: Morning Light
Size: 4 x 5
Medium: Encaustic
A 60 second painting, including color washes of Radiant Rain on the substrate.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

melisa miller

Title: Melisa
size: 11x15
Medium: watercolor
Private collection
This is a portrait of my grandaughter Melisa painted during a workshop demonstration in Sonoma CA.
The image was drawn and painted in transparent watercolor. The same drawing was used as collage. You may see it on the next post.
The workshop challenge was to develop at least three paintings using the same drawing in differant styles.

melisa miller

Title: Melisa
Size: 11x15
Medium: mixed media
Collection of the artist

The image of Melisa was reduced and photocopied in black and white. The addition of gesso, cardboard, and paint was used to achieve texture and design.
One drawing, two mediums and two designs created these two paintings.

Visit my gallery at,

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

necklace tutorial

Make this pendant necklace using Rubberstamps and Opals. The images on the necklace and the images in the following two posts are CORY designs from After Midnight Art Stamps. You can use these or any combination of images, all or in part, to create your design. A simple tutorial can be found in the next two posts.

I hope you enjoy making and wearing your new creations.

stamp and color step one

Use a round small to medium rubberstamp and a domino rubberstamp from CORY stamp designs. Use black Staz-on ink to stamp the images onto white matboard. Color the images in coordinating colors of your choice, using markers, watercolor, or color pencils. Touch-up the black lines with a very fine permanent ink pen. Heat set with a heat embossing tool for one minute.

Tap the dry surfaces with a clear embossing ink pad. Apply a layer of clear Opals and emboss with a heat embossing tool.

necklace tutorial - assembly

Use Hard as Nails to glue a washer onto the backside of the circle for weight. When dry, glue it to the front side of the rectangle. Glue a smaller washer half way down on the top backside of the pendant. Attach a thin cord to the small washer with a larks knot.
Paint the backside of the pendant with black acrylic and seal with a clear gloss spray.

Material resources:
CORY stamp images from

Opals embossing powders from
Class information: Check this blog or email

Friday, February 09, 2007

workshop demonstration

Title: Cuba Libre
mixed media size 18x24
My process of mixed media painting was demonstrated during a workshop at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins CO. April 2007

mini encaustic collages

Title: Encaustic / Foil Collage
These mini collages were for a swap held by the mavens of The Creative Underground in Fort Collins CO. and later taught at The Artist Nook.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

private collection

Title: Native American
Medium: Oil
From the Private Collection of Jack Richeson Co.
This is one of many portraits that I did in oils. Because some of the students are allergic to the oils, I am currently teaching portraiture in acrylics and watercolor.