Sunday, November 16, 2014

sweet revenge necklace

If you read the post below, you can guess where some of these elements came from.  The necklace can be wrapped as shown or can be wrapped on the wrist as a bracelet.  One of many pieces from my new Sweet Revenge line of art jewelry.  Visit The Purple Lizard Boutique to see more of my art jewelry and purses.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

sweet revenge

    It was a rainy day in Paris when he packed his bags and walked out of her life, leaving behind his favorite navy blazer and red tie.  In anger and tears, she ripped the blazer to shreds and cut up the tie.  She then tore into the collection of jewelry that he had gifted her.  Today she redesigns jewelry from those shreds of fabric, the silk from the tie, the buttons off the blazer, the broken jewelry, and other found objects...
An embellished tie became a cuff, buttons decorate a bangle and the red bead represents rage.... my new line of jewelry is properly called Sweet Revenge.
The story is fake, but the ties are real.  I inherited them from my best friend Phil who passed a few years ago and I miss him.  Sweet Revenge is real, be on the lookout for it.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

the chi of thought

A Curative Mixed Media Collage
After months of chaos, illness, and grieving the illnesses and loss of close friends, I seem to be coming out of a creative funk.  A few days ago, I picked up a brush and 2 jars of paint. I added black and white to the 2 colors I blindly picked and proceeded to intuitively move paint onto the collaged substrate.  An image began to appear and I drew directly onto the canvas.  I continued with my curative process and in less than 2 hours the painting was finished.  If you are interested in knowing how my curative process works, I will be teaching the process in Arizona.  My curative process can be applied to all artwork and jewelry designs. 

Saturday, May 03, 2014

soul garden

12x12 Mixed Media Collage
I paint my regular water media art on top of newsprint.  Sometimes the unplanned painted areas on the newsprint are almost as wonderful as the original art.  I save all these pieces of paper to use later in collage.  The above painting has four of these papers collaged onto canvas.  A bit of doodling with watercolor and ink, and I have a clean uncluttered intuitive Soul Garden painting.  What can be better than that...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

female faces 4 times

Four female faces in different mediums and styles.
Top left:  Altered photo copy image. Collaged papers, silk leaf, and stamping.
Top right:  A watercolor painting of my granddaughter Melisa. Painted loosely live.
Bottom left:  Detail of a large painting.  Face image is drawn on a printed and treated paper.  Barely tinted with watercolor washes  Loose blind charcoal scribbles and layers of transparent collage papers.  This method was and is being taught at Art Unraveled 2014.
Bottom right:  Altered paper images, acrylic washes and text.  Enhanced  and altered female image drawn with graphite and transparent acrylic glazes.
Click here to see four male images on my other site.

Monday, April 14, 2014

after the long delay

12 x12 Mixed Media Collage
After a long delay, I have taken off in all directions.  I have been playing with Citra Solve and also with the Gel both.  The above collage has a bit of both and mixed media.  I am still painting on the small side, most pieces no larger than 12 x12.  You can view my work at Vision Gallery Chandler AZ.  Art Stop Gallery Ajo, AZ. Catitude Gallery Avondale, AZ.  Also, jewelry at In-Power Boutique Avondale AZ. and The Purple Lizard Boutique Phoenix, AZ.  The above collage is currently hanging at Catitude Gallery in Avondale AZ.  

Friday, November 08, 2013

the window opened

Title:  Pieces of October
Mixed Media Collage - detail
September 10th, my house was burglarized and literally trashed. What they didn't take, they destroyed. They tore open boxes of art materials and dumped them everywhere.  Among these, my collage papers....I watched as the police took DNA swipes and walked on my handmade papers.  A few days later as I was picking up what was salvageable, I could here my mother's voice like a whisper in my mind, saying, "God never closes a door without opening a window".   I threw the collage papers into a box where they incubated for a few more days.  Somewhere along the way I started to piece together the salvaged collage papers and my drawings, like a puzzle.  That's when I realized that God had opened the window.  I produced several new collages and here is the good news..... I was asked to take the new works to VISION GALLERY  at Chandler AZ.  The collages and some of my art jewelry were well received.   They kept several pieces to show and I was asked to do a Solo Show the end of next year.  I will be posting another collage image on my other blog, click here to take a look.