Saturday, January 26, 2008


I will be teaching for:
ART UNRAVELED - Phoenix, Arizona - August 3-10 2008
FIREWEED - Juneau, Alaska - October 13-18 2008
THE ARTIST'S NOOK - Fort Collins, Colorado - March 14-16 2008
More information as it becomes available.

Friday, January 25, 2008

those blooming encaustics

These are samples of an Encaustic class that I will be teaching for Art Unraveled 2008. The first part of the class will dedicated to painting with hot colored wax using a new technique and templates. The second part of the class willbe dedicated to making an encaustic necklace pendant. I will bring other sample necklaces to inspire you and show you how to add embellishments to your necklace. Go to for more information and registration or email me at with your questions.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

registration now open

March 14-16 2008 will be session one of an exciting series of three day workshops called EXPLORATION MIXED MEDIA to be held at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins, Colorado. These photos along with photos on the next two posts and photos on the registration site are examples of art produced using class demonstrations. Each student will produce an original body of work using a variety of techniques, personal guided imagery, line meet line drawing methods, custom lessons, lectures , evaluations, indoor and outdoor hands on demonstrations and how to use five elements of design to produce strong, original, works of art. Fearful and not so fearful artists of all types and levels are welcome and encouraged. If you enjoy painting, altering, constructing, collage, abstraction and/or realism, you will benefit from these hand held workshops. Register early and get a price break. See details, information and registration at or contact Cory at

exploration mixed media shape

22X30 mixed media

This is an example of a finished piece demonstrated during a field trip using the element of shape. The use of shape is only one of the many lessons to be demonstrated during the EXPLORATION MIXED MEDIA workshops at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins, Colorado starting March 14, 2008 Details and information may be found at or contact

exploration mixed media texture

Title: OLGA
8x10 mixed media
This textured and layered technique will be one of the first included in the EXPLORATION MIXED MEDIA workshop to be held at The Artist's Nook in Fort Collins, Colorado beginning March 14-16 2008. Personal imagery will be used to tell your story in collage form. These workshops have been successfully taught in the southwest and the west coast for several years. The participating students, now full fledged artists, are showing in galleries, winning awards and teaching. Come join the fun, every session has new demonstrations and lessons available. Information and registration on or by contacting