Monday, September 23, 2013

Daniel the shaman

 I was drawn to Daniel's sculptured features and to his hair which is an art form in itself.   He allowed me to use his image for some paintings.  I work intuitively, and usually about half way into the process, my paintings kind of take over and begin to tell a story.  Here is the story and the painting.

Somewhere into the painting process, Daniel becomes a curandero, a shaman, a healer. The texture on his head, which was put there to lower the value tone, andsuddenly becomes an alphabet of symbols, messages from his ancestors.  Automatic writings cut across the lower part of the painting with words only Daniel can decipher.  On the lower right section are botanical scribbles, giving Daniel an insight on what "yerbas" (herbs) to use for healings.  In the space behind his profile appear groupings of people.  Who are they?  How did they get there?   And, in the dark area below his neck appear the letters DF, his name is Daniel Fabian.  They were not put there intentionally, and I do not believe in coincidence.   Do you?
Thank you Daniel for being the inspiration
Giclees of this and other artworks by CORY are available upon request by email.