Thursday, September 29, 2011

title journal

Many have commented on the titles of my work... it's fast, easy and fun to come up with titles. Every artist should have a TITLE JOURNAL ... Click here and I will show you how I do this.

Thank you to every one who have left comments. If I don't send you a note of thanks, it's because I can not locate your address, or because I'm moving slowly through the Bead Soup.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 bead soup reveal

Title: Midnight in Santa Fe

I made two necklaces with the beautiful beads that my pardner CJ Bauschka sent me. The large black donut has a beautiful pitted surface but because of the pitting, the edges were a bit jagged, especially where the middle hole once was. I was afraid that any beading or cording could break with wear. After staring at the bead for several days. I decided to turn it into a cabochon of sorts.
I bead embroidered the edges to take away some of the jaggedness, and I made a bezel to house some of the turquoise and hide the hole of the donut. I made a three inch fabric bead inspired by Paula Best, embellished it with colored fibers, seed beads and the small pieces of turquoise.
A black leather like cord slides through the fabric bead to which the donut, now cabochon, is attached. I used the large silver drop bead as a dangle.
I liked the silver clasp so much that I chose not to use it on this necklace. Instead, it became a charm on the second necklace.

Detail of the first necklace titled Midnight in Santa Fe.

Scroll down to see the beads that
CJ and I exchanged.

Title: South of the Border Spice

This is the second necklace from the many beads CJ sent. I love the clasp as a charm. I made and attached a spicy red resin bead and a single little black bead to one end of the clasp. Silver seed beads and three wonderful large red teardrop beads became a tassel. A large turquoise bead to which I attached a long flat ivory element became another charm. All these dangles are attached to a large round black bead embellished with a little red fabric bundle. This necklace is about movement , so I attached everything to a long leather like cord. Still have some beads left over, hoping to make another piece later.

Many have commented on my titles, if you are interested, I wrote a Mini Tutorial here on how they come about, fun fun...

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Thank you Lori for sponsoring the Bead Soup outdid your self and it is appreciated.

See you at the party...

Note: No I did not post on Wed the 14th...just noticed my clock and calendar were on draft time instead of mountain standard time. Duhhhhh

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

lace up your cuff

Finally got back to creating after meeting the teaching deadlines. Grabbed my sewing kit, sat down, put my feet up and made the softest little cuff you will ever wear. Made of striped silk, lace, tiny beads, vintage buttons and a puffy little flower with a pearl...faux, of course. And, I made a little resin bead to add as a charm.

Will soon add it to my Etsy shop.

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Monday, September 05, 2011

devine madness

Divine Madness is the name of this necklace, though it's not been so divine rushing around trying to meet teaching deadlines, create a piece for the Bead Soup when your mind draws a blank. I actually ended up with two. Plus, trying to beat the 110 degree weather. When it gets so hot you can't think, the best thing to do is roll mindless paper beads. All the beads on this necklace are handmade...the paper beads rolled and heavily glazed, and the round beads handcrafted from resin. As you can see, no two beads are alike, what fun, and yes it is Divine Madness.

Stop by anytime after Sept. 17 to see the Bead Soup reveal.

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karma is a bitch
so is my lawyer