Wednesday, March 28, 2012

electric blue

Finally able to get into my photos, had to change everything...hope this never happens to you.  The above cuff is adorned with beads, charms, and handcrafted resin beads... and yes, a copyright watermark, I do hope it is not a distraction.

Thank you for being patient

karma is a bitch
so is my lawyer 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

why me?

Sorry for not posting lately.  Someone hacked into my photo folders and I have not been able to post any pictures anywhere.  Hopefully it will be cleared soon,  Thanks for being patient.

Friday, March 02, 2012

bead soup reveal 2012

necklace one
scroll down to see necklace two

The soup is done... time to enjoy. The beads below are the one's Rhea sent to me. I loved everything about the beads, especially the color combination. After admiring them for a day or two, I started on an idea. Very quickly I discovered that the hole of the focal bead was closed. No, Rhea did not do this on purpose. It did however, set up a real challenge. I tried a bead reamer...nothing, I was afraid I might crack the bead.
So, I called on my muse, and she handed me wire, she handed me more beads, chain, and copper washers. I Started working intuitively and this is the result. It was a miracle the way things fell into place, hence the name, "El Milagro". Thank you Rhea for not checking the hole before sending it, I'm glad that it was closed...I don't believe in coincidences.
Now, go check out Rhea's blog, her soup is yummy.
Next go visit Lori, where you will find links to all the other participates.

These are the beads that Rhea sent to me. On the right is a side view of El Milagro.
Had I executed my first idea, I probably would have used the lovely clasp, but, it was to heavy to use on El Milagro. So I made a simple long necklace, using the clasp as a focal on which to attach the dangles. I also added a caped bead, handcrafted by me from my line of fabric beads called Modern Acorns. Yes, the beads will be posted on Etsy very soon.

Title: El Talisman

I do hope you enjoy all of the different soups. A big thank you to Lori Anderson for giving us this wonderful challenge to play with.