Saturday, April 24, 2010

teresa's journal

After returning from a very successful art gathering, Artiscape in Columbus, Ohio...I took a wonderful one line class with Mary Ann Moss on making a journal from fabric and papers that have been incubating forever....this is the first attempt, a gift for my cousin Teresa who was kind enough to house me and taxi me around Columbus. Thank you Teresa.

The cover of the journal is a scrap of upholstery fabric and the inside of the cover is a place mat, and yes, that's me in the photo.....

The white on white embossed paper pocket is made from off the wall materials...will put up a tutorial on my other blog soon.

Junk mail, lotto ticket, collage papers, doilies, photocopies, and the never ending number 13.
Other pages contain old airline tickets, photos, receipts, my own photocopied art, encaustic scrap paper pieces, and lots of pockets and writing space.

Two sets of 12 page signatures and the pencil being held by painted scrap canvas.