Wednesday, July 04, 2007

the creative block

Sometimes we are so blocked in a particular area of our work we don't even consider a breakthrough. When this happens, I set the work in progress in the "incubation bin" until I am ready to try again. I pull a piece from the bin and begin with a fresh approach.
This piece was once dark and unfinished as it sat waiting in the bin for months. I decided to use it to demonstrate techniques that would turn it into a high key abstract painting. Keeping the design elements in mind, I worked with transparent and opaque layers of paint along with large art stamped images and scribbles.
CORY ART STAMPS are available from After Midnight Art Stamps.
The techniques are demonstrated during my mixed media seminars. Contact for workshop information.


  1. While getting my Master's I had a professor that taught me soooooo much! One of his favorite saying was touch it and then touch it again! He was a firm believer in never discarding a piece of artwork. Just revisit and paint over! I love this soft and tactile:D

  2. Love the soft colors... it´s beautiful