Friday, December 28, 2007

the circus

Mixed Media Necklace
An After Midnight sponsored Art Challenge
Zeborah Loray started a new trend of paper folding that everyone calls Geo Deco's. After Midnight Art Stamps held a challenge using this free form process. We were given a one and one half by two inch piece of burlap, a tiny black rubberband, and a small wooden cocktail pick. The objectitve was to use the folding process along with these items to create a piece of art. We were allowed to add whatever we wanted, but must include these three items in the work. The folded Geo Deco in my piece was made from an energy drink can. The rubber band is tied beneath the ball where the elephant stands, the wooden pick stands behind the elephant, and the burlap is hidden in the handmade faux resin beads. Vintage chain, washers, a twig, buttons and a charm from a charm swap make up the rest of the necklace. More Geo Deco's may be seen at


  1. Beautiful! So creative and thought-provoking. I will definitely check out the others. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Sandy..I don't have your email address, please send.
    Happy New Year

  3. Too cool, Cory! The energy drinks come in such cool cans and I have been saving mine because I was sure I could do something with them - never thought about a GeoDeco - I love it! I did make a pendant for a slide necklace with an aluminum can, but I used embossing powder and it is also a little too lightweight. Now I think I will add some charms thanks to you! That ought to do it!

    Judi Foster -

  4. G'day Cory
    Christmas took over my life LOL and I am just catching up AND coming here was like opening Christmas presents again...I am filled with awe and wonder.I love all your you have a well fed bin like us mere mortals??Ah my creative path gets ever longer *GRIN*
    Annette in Oz

  5. Wow! This piece is beautiful and your mobile collage fantastic.