Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Entry Point

Been busy trying to get this blog together, (thank you lynn for your help) Lynn Henry, talked me into it, so I get to blame her for my goof-ups. Check out her blog she made some wonderful 3x5 encaustic foil collages in my class at Art Unraveled. Way to go, Lynn.

You are all invited to take a peek at my website .

This 22x30 mixed media painting titled "Color Crossover" was a demonstration piece done for a group in San Diego CA. The piece was done in yellow and red. I hated those colors, by the time I finished the demo, I was running a fever that lasted a couple of hours. The painting went into the incubation bin for about a year, at which time, I retrived it, turned it upside down, and began applying new layers of cool colors. That "new" painting won me several awards. Today, I'm OK painting in hot colors. This painting is available for purchase.

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