Saturday, October 11, 2014

the chi of thought

A Curative Mixed Media Collage
After months of chaos, illness, and grieving the illnesses and loss of close friends, I seem to be coming out of a creative funk.  A few days ago, I picked up a brush and 2 jars of paint. I added black and white to the 2 colors I blindly picked and proceeded to intuitively move paint onto the collaged substrate.  An image began to appear and I drew directly onto the canvas.  I continued with my curative process and in less than 2 hours the painting was finished.  If you are interested in knowing how my curative process works, I will be teaching the process in Arizona.  My curative process can be applied to all artwork and jewelry designs. 


  1. Good to see you again. Beautiful piece and I love the title. It´s my favorite colors. The bright green brings such a light note. I´m still interested in an online class :-). My curative process right now is in rhythm but I long to create visually, too - just because of colors.

    1. Thank you Sabine for commenting. I appreciate you visiting my sites.