Tuesday, February 19, 2013

new gallery

This necklace is one of several pieces selected to show in a gallery called ART STOP in Ajo, Arizona.  I will also show handcrafted purses and paintings.  My friend Joyce Harcharick introduced me to the gallery where she also shows and sells her beautiful paintings and prints.  Thanks Joyce.

The necklace below is one of many, including several purses, which were in a boutique called Cherish Boutique in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The owner called several times to inform me about purchases and that she would be sending a check,  which by the way never arrived.  I contacted her over and over and asked that the merchandise be returned, that too fell on deaf ears.  I was informed that she was not in on the few times I was in Fort Collins and had stopped by to get my stuff.  In the end, no money, no merchandise.  That really left a bad taste in my mouth.   Has this ever happened to you?  I hope not....


  1. Wow - Bummer. Loooooove the first one.

  2. Lovely jewelry as always... turquise is my favourite...

    The unpleasant incident with the boutique owner.. - I have learned traditional astrology - if we have to loose something... there is no help... - but it doen't cure the bitterness in our heart... :(

  3. Wow, Cory, so sorry to hear of your problems in Colorado...not nice at all!! On a better note, congrats on your pieces for the gallery in Ajo...wonderful!!

  4. oh dear ... what a bad experience! i'm so sorry to hear that :(
    on a diff note, the first necklace is just beautiful ... it's got such a mysterious and powerful energy surrounding it.

    1. Thank you Luthien, I like to think that every thing happens for a reason. Karma shall take care of it.