Thursday, February 23, 2012

you are invited


First I would like to thank ART LEAGUE WEST for asking me to do a critique and demonstration for their members.
I will be teaching a workshop in mixed media called FREE PLAY in March 2012. (exact dates are being processed) The classes will be held in Avondale, Az.
Please email me for more information.
Artists are invited, non members included, to attend the four separate 5 hour workshops.
Demonstrations will be given on how to gather, alter, prepare, combine surfaces and techniques. You will learn how to evaluate your works in progress, how to improve your work making it ready to show and sell. This is a great class for the novice artist as well as for the seasoned artist.

I consider myself an eco friendly artist/teacher and will help you make great art using traditional and non traditional materials, keeping the cost of making art low.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Hi Cory, I do not often wish to live in the US but for workshops I surely do. Have you ever considered to hold an online class ? I know it is not the same but ..... did you think about it?

  2. I sure wish I could do this course, Cory. It sounds fabulous!! Money and inability to get time away from work are my unfortunate deterrents. Sigh...

    Thank you for your email yesterday. I've not really had trouble leaving comments, I don't think. I don't have the word verification thing on my blog and I haven't had any spam at all! I don't want any, but I wonder what triggers it? Anyway, I love the look of these pieces you are showing here for your upcoming classes. Oh to be there in person!