Monday, November 28, 2011

eco friendly bracelets

Looks like I have become an eco friendly artist. I have not bought any supplies in three years and vowed to use what is available. I love being inventive, I love transforming something totally different from something else. The above double bracelet stack are prototypes for upcoming classes.

What have you re-invented lately ?

karma is a bitch
so is my lawyer


  1. Your jewelry is so creative! I love the repurposing aspect and that the finished pieces don't look 'repurposed' at all!

    I can't believe you haven't purchased anything in 3 yrs! I know I have enough to last for awhile, but 3 years? Dunno!

  2. Hey Terrie...thanks for the comment, and I want to add that I really have not purchased art supplies since I closed my teaching studio 3 years ago. I still have tons of seed beads,small decorative beads,
    fibers, etc from when I taught in the studio and did (do) out of state workshops. I make most of my larger beads and papers for my collage. I have had to get rid of a few acrylics, but watercolors last forever. I was lucky to have received lots of supplies from a manufacturer that I did demos for. With the exception of a few small beads, I made everything on the left bracelet from scratch, even the base.
    What I don't have, I invent.

  3. You are so inventive! Love these bracelets! That is fantastic how you haven't purchased anything. You need to teach me some of your shortcuts and inventive ways of using up inventory. WOW!

  4. Oh my, those bracelets are adorable. Hmm re-invented - I love my old radio tubes and I used spools as ringtops, does that count:-) ?

  5. Cory, these are stunning! I don't wear much jewelry but I sure could see these on a classy and sophisticated lady dressed to the nines! The mixed media figs that are showing in the thumbnail below these bracelets is phenomenal! I just so love your work!

  6. I love the challenge of using what I have--it does seem to encourage more creativity. Your jewelry and mixed media pieces are wonderful--lots of variety!