Sunday, July 31, 2011

faces moxified

Samples of faces that I will be teaching at Art Unraveled 2011.
These are from my journal pages.

Another sample for About Faces class at Art Unraveled 2011.
Learn the basics...develop your style.

Stop by and say hello.


  1. These are beautiful! Wish I was taking your class. I have never painted anything except the walls in my house so I guess that leaves me out. I really love the first one!

  2. I just joined lori andersons bead blog party so I wanted to check out some of past parties. I came across your blog and love your moxified faces. Were are you teaching the class. I quickly looked at your other pieces and they also look very cool. I will be following your blog and your work.

  3. I wish I could take your class and I love AZ. I visit Scottsdale 1-4 weeks a year but not in the summer. But I think even if I took your class I would never be able to create anything as cool as your work. Do you moxify real people. I would you commission you to moxify me. It would be great to use them as a business card or package tag.