Sunday, November 05, 2006

encaustic painting one

Size: 4x6 image--8x10 matted
Medium: Encaustic

This 60 second painting is part of a demonstation for After Midnight Stamps. I used hot colored wax and an encaustic iron.
Classes are available in Arizona. If you would like to sponsor a class in your area, contact Cory at
This painting is available for purchase.


  1. hi cory,
    i found your blog through creative underground. wow - 60 minute encaustic, that is amazing! and they are so beautiful. I do encaustic too, i'm just a beginner, and having lots of fun experimenting with it in combination to my collage and painting. thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. These seriously only take 60 seconds!?! They are beautiful!

  3. Hi Cory,
    You amaze me every time with your art. I can’t imagine doing this kind of art in 60 min.
    I have to learn that from you. I’ll have a talk with Christi after the holidays to have you come and teach at the store, we must have you soon. When you come to Fort Collins I would like to invite you to stay with me and my family we’ll have lots of fun!

  4. Amazing!!Can't understand how you do it.My english isn't good enough!!!!:-)