Sunday, October 29, 2006

Watercolor 101

Title: IRIS
Size: 11x15 watercolor

A watercolor for the novice painter. The project is an easy step by step method of "free play," that is currently being taught by Cory. This and other easy projects are available in instuctional packet form. Contact for packet and class information. Thank you for your comments, this helps me know if you visit my blog and what you wish to see.


  1. OMG- that is sooo gorgeous. I can't wait to take a water color class with you.
    I am having a hard time believing a 'beginner' could do anything even close to this. ???

  2. Hi lady,
    Beautiful wc.....but anything you do is great. Remembering all the classes together over the years.....and owe you a big thanks for the guidence and friendship.
    Send me packet info when you have the time.
    Love and light,