Monday, September 05, 2011

devine madness

Divine Madness is the name of this necklace, though it's not been so divine rushing around trying to meet teaching deadlines, create a piece for the Bead Soup when your mind draws a blank. I actually ended up with two. Plus, trying to beat the 110 degree weather. When it gets so hot you can't think, the best thing to do is roll mindless paper beads. All the beads on this necklace are handmade...the paper beads rolled and heavily glazed, and the round beads handcrafted from resin. As you can see, no two beads are alike, what fun, and yes it is Divine Madness.

Stop by anytime after Sept. 17 to see the Bead Soup reveal.

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karma is a bitch
so is my lawyer

1 comment:

  1. wonderful color palette, it looks old but new. Clever work!!